10 Beautiful Pink Lakes Around the World

10 Beautiful Pink Lakes Around the World

We usually think of lakes as being a beautiful blue color. However, there are lakes around the world that are a stunning pink hue instead. Let’s explore some of these magnificent lakes and find out what gives them their colorful water.

Sandwich Harbour, Namibia

Sandwich Harbour is a surreal landscape with a vibrant pink lake and abundant flamingos. The lake is in a region of vast salt deposits and the lake has a high salt content. The lake contains microorganisms that release a reddish substance known as beta-carotene. Even the sky has a pinkish tint. If pink is your favorite color you will love this place.

Dusty Rose Lake, Canada

Dusty Rose Lake has a beautiful purplish pink coloration. Its color develops due to environmental factors. During the melting of nearby glaciers, the water flushes lavender colored particles into the lake, creating an unusual purplish-pink tone. There is no life in this remote lake because the water does not contain any oxygen.

La Salinas De Torrevieja, Spain

This beautiful pink lake was created in the 1200s when a canal was built to harvest salt. The micro-algae, Dunaliella Salina turns the water pink. Lavender and orchids grow on the shore adding to the beautiful coloration of the environment.

Lake Lemuria, Ukraine

According to legend, Lake Lemuria was formed by efforts to retrieve a crashed aircraft. The crater was flooded with groundwater rich in micro-algae that turned the water vibrant pink. The lake is a popular spot for birds due to its salt content. People also enjoy the lake and believe the water has healing properties due to its high mineral content.

Lake Hillier, Western Australia

Lake Hillier is a beautiful pink lake surrounded by lush vegetation and a beach. It is a perfect vacation spot except it can only be viewed from the air. The island is a closed research site and not accessible to the public.

Great Salt Lake, Utah

This lake is the largest salt water lake in the Western Hemisphere. The lake is separated by a railway line. One side of the lake has beautiful deep pink water while the other side is a deep blue. The color difference is caused by the salinity levels in the water. The difference creates a surreal visual effect.

Hutt Lagoon, Australia

The lagoon is fed by seawater and rainwater. During the hot months, the water evaporates and the lake turns into a dry salt flat covered with salt and minerals. The pretty pink color of the lake is caused by algae that produces carotene. Hutt Lagoon is a popular tourist attraction.

Las Coloradas, Mexico

Las Coloradas means “blush” and describes the beautiful pink color of the lake. The lake gets its color from red algae, plankton and brine shrimp that live in the water. The pink color of the lake is strongest on very sunny days or at noon time when the sun is directly overhead.

Pink Sea, Columbia

The high salt content of the Pink Sea is the perfect environment for micro-algae to grow, which gives the water its pink color. However, rainfall and salt harvesting can temporarily diminish the pink coloration, making it pale or almost non-existent at times.

Laguna Colorada, Bolivia

Laguna Colorada is a shallow lake close to the border of Chile. It is a spectacular landscape especially with the magnificent Andes mountains in the background. The color of the lake is due to mineral sediments and algae growing in the lake. The color of the lake varies between pink, red and orange. The area also has a variety of wildlife including foxes, pumas, llamas and alpacas. Every year, hundreds of endangered puna flamingos flock to the lake to feed on plankton.


If you thought all lakes were blue, you’ve got to see one of these amazing pink lakes. The world is a palette of rich hues than includes much more than browns, blues and greens. Choose a pink lake for your next travel destination and see what you’ve been missing.