11 Bizarre Things You Wouldn’t Expect To Find Under Water

The world underwater is a mysterious one.  Much of it has been speculated to have strange creatures lurking beneath, such as sea monsters or mermaids or anything the pop culture has cooked up.

Although there haven’t been any giant sea monsters or Krakens discovered as of yet, there are still some bizarre enough things that might grab your attention. Here are 11 things you wouldn’t have expected to find under the water:

1. Underwater Stonehenge

This mysterious green underwater structure has been a mystery since it was discovered in the middle of Lake Michigan a couple of years ago.

Nobody knows how it came about and what it was made for which makes it all the more interesting.

2. Underwater sculpture park

This underwater sculpture park is found off the coast of Cancun in Mexico. Tourists here can take a dive below and view this work of art… that is if they are brave enough.

There are 500 statues, each unique and different form the other.

3. An ancient underwater city

Photo via. inhabitat

This isn’t Atlantis, but maybe the next best thing. It is an ancient underwater city that was discovered in China’s Qiandao Lake.

4. Spiders

Photo via. Flickr

Who knew that spiders could live underwater? This is bad news for arachnophobes as they can’t even escape them underwater. Some species of spiders create air pockets on the webs so that they can breathe.

5. Underwater meetings

Photo via. treehugger

If you want to emphasize the impact of climate change on the ocean then what better way to hold a meeting underwater?

That’s right; President Mohamed Nasheed of Maldives held it to prove a point!

6. Monuments

The ocean is so vast and deep that it can swallow the largest of monuments including this 5000 year old Yonaguni Monument which is found off the coast of Japan.

7. Rivers

This just keeps getting stranger and stranger because there are rivers in the ocean as well.

Who knew?

8. World War II silver

via. national geographic

Underwater treasures come a dime a dozen and in this case blocks of pure silver from World War II era that were uncovered from a British cargo ship wreckage.

9. Birds

You would think the ocean so only for the fish but think again. Gannets are a breed of birds that look for fish to prey on and can dive up to 100 feet deep in the water just to get their grub.

10. Locomotives

Locomotives were discovered on the ocean floor in 1985. These were from circa 1850.

Nobody knows how they ended up there but it is likely they were dumped off because they were not needed anymore.

11. Sinkholes

Photo via. pinterest

There are also sinkholes in the ocean just like the ones on the ground. The bad part is that these are created due to climate change, chemicals and tectonic plate shifts.

This is just the tip of the iceberg that was discovered. Who knows what lies beneath the deep blue sea and maybe one day we will discover some fascinating creatures or cities just like Atlantis.