5 Ways Companies Make Products From Ocean Plastic Waste

Eight million tons of plastic are thrown into ocean waters every year. Think about that for a second. Millions and millions of harmful plastics are floating and swimming around with aquatic life and endangering their lives in their natural habitat. But what if there were ways to recycle the plastic we find? Plastic sometimes washes up to the beaches, allowing us to find them and either discard them or recycle them into useful products. Which would you rather choose?

Thankfully, there are five products that are already using recycled ocean plastic. Purchase these and you’ll do your part to help the environment.

Recycled Jewelry Is “In”

If you think people don’t want to wear jewelry made from recycled plastic, think again. 40Ocean designed a new type of bracelet made from recycled glass and plastic bottles. Only costing $20, every purchase funds the removal of one pound of trash from the ocean and coastlines.

In less than two years, 4Ocean has helped to remove 1,295,480 pounds of trash from the ocean. It helps that the bracelets are pretty, too.

Dressed To Help The Environment

You could be playing a game of tennis or go for a quick jog without knowing you’re helping the environment. But thanks to the popular sportswear brand Adidas, this is actually happening. The company designed women’s running shorts made with yarn spun from recycled ocean plastic.

At $20, go for a walk in the park wearing these shorts designed to perform a good deed for the environment.

The Most Helpful Duffle Bag

The Hamilton Perkins duffle bag is one of the most helpful brands of duffle bags ever invented. Each bag is made with 17.5 recycled ocean plastic bottles. The bags are durable to last for years.


At $95, the duffle bags will store all your items, and each time you sling it over your shoulder, you’ll remember you’re helping the environment. It’s a win-win situation.

Playing For A Cause

You’re not just playing with this frisbee; you’re helping the environment. The Bureo frisbee, designed by Lake Buckley, contains 80 percent recycled items, including fishing nets.

At only $12, the frisbee is putting a positive spin on incorporating recycled items into your daily routine.

The Coolest Sunglasses Ever

Sunglass designers Norton Point launched a line of eco-friendly sunglasses in 2016. The sunglasses are recycled out of plastic high-density polyethylene (HDPE) found in many ocean waters. Ranging between $89 and $129, the eyewear line is part of the Martha Vineyard’s-based company, “Sea Plastic Differently.” HDPE is hard to design with, but it’s the only type of marine plastic hard enough to form a sturdy glass frame.


But that doesn’t stop designers Ryan Schoenike and Rob Ianelli in believing there’s a promising future for recycled plastic.

Schoenike said, “I think there’s still a lot more to be done in terms of other products that can be made and creating this greater awareness for people who aren’t fully aware of the issue and how it affects us.”

Let’s do our part to help the environment. After all, this is our home. Don’t destroy it.