The Most Terrifying Deep Sea Creatures

Humans are naturally afraid of the unknown.

Well, that’s not entirely the case when it comes to some sea creatures. We are scared of them for all the right reasons. They are legit scary! From monstrous looks to frightening hunting techniques, everything is terrifying about these animals.    

Following, are some deep sea creatures that you’ll wish you did not know about.


Photo via. Science Heathen

Deep-sea dragonfish is a small fish with a length of only 15 centimeters (thank God for that).

This fish is just mean to look at. It has no scales; instead, it has a slippery body that resembles an eel’s. Its bioluminescent body parts are crucial for its survival as they assist it in hunting prey. They also help it communicate with its own species.

Frilled Shark

Photo via. Newsela

The frilled shark is one of the oldest species of sharks found in the deep sea. Frilled shark sightings are extremely rare. This freaky shark looks like a deadly sea serpent straight from a Hollywood movie.

“Living Fossil” is another name used for frilled sharks as its genetic origins are said to go all the way back to the pre-historic times of dinosaurs!

Vampire Squid

Photo via. Dinopedia

The vampire squid is a small squid of a length of approximately one foot. Sorry to burst your bubble but vampire squid does NOT suck blood. It is named after vampires because its tentacles flow behind it giving the illusion that squid is wearing a black cape. Moreover, its eyes are blood red!

Vampire squids are typically found in warm tropical waters. When they swim, it looks like they are flying around.