The Most Terrifying Deep Sea Creatures

Giant Squid

Photo via. Factins

Giant squids could easily be in one of the legends of Kraken. As the name suggests, giant squids are tremendous in size. It has been estimated that a female giant squid can grow up to 43 feet long while the maximum size of a male giant squid is estimated to be 33 feet.

Giant squids and sperm whales are known as mortal enemies. Sperm whales are the only predator that can defeat giant squid in a one-on-one battle.  


Photo via. HuffingtonPost

If you think no animal can be ugly, take a look at the blob fish right now! Blobfish just looks wrong. It is a deep water fish that is found in the waters of South Pacific.

Its body is basically a gelatinous mass. This body structure allows blobfish to survive in the high pressures of deep, dark depths of the oceans.

Stargazer- a death trap

Photo via. Salt Strong

Stargazer is a strategic killer of ocean floors. It buries itself in the sand and waits for its prey to come close. It entices its prey by giving an illusion of a small creature burrowing in the sand.

The unfortunate prey gets curious and swims closer. When the prey is close enough, it thrashes up and ambushes the poor fish. As it is said, curiosity kills the cat… or in this case, fish!

Pacific Blackdragon

Photo via. Oceana

Pacific blackdragon is typically found in the depths of subtropical waters. It feeds on bio-luminescent animals, but its stomach is designed to keep the bio-luminescent light trapped inside.

That explains how Pacific Blackdragon got its name!