The Most Terrifying Deep Sea Creatures

Gulper Eel

Gulper eels are snake-like fish (not eels) with massive mouths. The mouth of this peculiar creature is actually larger than its body, and extends to swallow, or gulp, creatures that are larger than the gulper eel itself. The eyes of the Gulper eel are very small, and are actually assumed to detect faint rays of light as opposed to creating an actual image.

The Gulper Eel has a very long. abstract tail. At the end of the tail, there is an organ called a photophore. The photophore emits light to attract prey towards the mouth of this insane fish.

Deep Sea Hatchetfish

Hatchetfish receive their name from the shape of their body, resembling the blade of a hatchet. Hatchetfish has bioluminescent organs called photophores across the bottom of their bodies, allowing them to emit light from their underbellies to find prey and counteract the faint light rays around them as a form of camouflage.

When it comes to feeding, hatchetfish actually only feed on small fish and plankton. They travel up to shallow water and look for the silhouettes of their prey moving to find them, ingest them, and return to the darkness of the deep ocean. Their abstract shape and teeth assists them in hiding and hunting, but their horrifying appearance doesn’t translate to their danger as deep sea creatures.


The viperfish is on of the most intimidating creatures in the ocean, in terms of appearance. Their long sharp teeth protrude out of their mouths and curl back behind their eyes. Their actions match their appearance too, as they are known as very fierce and aggressive predators.

The Viperfish has a light organ that extends out of its dorsal fin, as well as photophore across the body. These are utilized for both protection and attraction of prey. When they hunt, they attract the prey with the bioluminescent organs, and proceed to sit motionless in the water. They wait until the head of the prey is positioned by the mouth, and then they bite down. Their unusually large teeth allow for incredible grip, and allow them to rotate the hinged skull and swallow the prey.

Humpback Anglerfish

Although there are numerous species of anglerfish, the Humpback Anglerfish is arguably the most tactical, and most terrifying, despite its mobility issue. The shape of this creature doesn’t allow for much movement, but it makes up for it in a few distinct ways.

Humpback Anglerfish have a bioluminescent protrusion coming out of their heads, extending from the spine, called an esca. The esca emits light to attract prey. Once the prey is in range, the anglerfish extends its lower jaw and bites down with its sharp teeth to trap the prey.

So which of these 15 scary creatures from the deep sea was your favorite?

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