9 Craziest Looking Sea Creatures

Oceans are not as well explored as we’d like to think. The vast water bodies have many hidden secrets that are yet to be discovered by the mankind. Humans know very little about oceans and the life prevailing in them, but what little we know is enough to make us run for the hills!

Let’s have a look at the mysterious, crazy looking creatures of the deep, dark waters.

1. Northern Stargazer- it waits, it sees, it kills!

Photo via. Elite Readers

Northern stargazer is one scary looking fish. It buries itself in sand and wait for its prey to hover close; then mercilessly gulps down any unfortunate fish that dare swim near it.

As if this wasn’t enough, the northern stargazer has an unusual organ that produces electricity. Steer clear of this fish because it does more than just bite; it electrocutes!

2. Basket Star- a galaxy of stars!

Photo via. Real Monstrosities

A basket star looks like a galaxy in itself! Basket star is a species of brittle stars. It has five arms sprouting out from its main body. These arms branch out to make a basket. It has strong, leathery skin and can survive up to 35 years.

3. Weedy Seadragon

Photo via. Scuba Diver Life

A weedy sea dragon can easily be confused with a leave flowing with water. It is found only in the Australian waters of the Eastern Indian Ocean. Its population is steadily depleting due to destruction of reefs that are its natural habitat. Currently, it is illegal to take or export a sea dragon.

4. Benthocodon – Just a Jelly fish

Photo via. Popular Science

Jelly fish is commonly found in shallow waters but Benthocodon prefers to swim at the depths of more than 762 meters. It has a rounded top (it’s called a “bell”)  and resembles an alien spaceship roaming in the deep blue sea.

5. Flying Gurnard- oh look, a kite!

Photo via. Atlantis Gozo

Flying gurnard are named after their glorious pectoral fins. Typically their fins are of bright blue color, especially along the edges. They are found in warm tropical waters and mostly dwell at the bottom of the ocean.

6. Deep-Sea Hatchetfish

Photo via. dGeneralist

This fish is named deep-Sea Hatchetfish because of its uncanny resemblance to a swimming hatchet. It has a disproportionate body and big round eyes. It prefers to swim at depth of around 5,000 feet. Hatechetfish has a unique ability to be able to alter the brightness of their bio-luminescent body.

 This helps them in hunting prey and provides a better camouflage in the depths of the ocean.

7. Matsuba Koi- The Human Faced Fish

Photo via. Koiphen

Matsuba Koi can safely be considered as the creepiest fish because of its human-like features. Obviously, it does not look like a human, but its distinct features like eyes and nose gives it a notion of a human face.

This fish is sure to make you feel uncomfortable!

8. Tongue-eating Louse- What the Fish!?

Photo via. Flickr

Tongue-eating louse is a parasite that enters a fish’s body and attaches itself to its tongue. Eventually, it destroys the tongue and completely replaces it ITSELF! Yes, the parasite itself becomes the tongue!

As mind blogging as it seems, it has been observed that tongue-eating louse does not harm the fish in any way (well, except replacing its tongue, Yikes!). A fish may enjoy a long happy life even after a Louse has replaced its tongue!

9. Axolotl- Don’t Forget to Smile Back

Photo via. io9- gizmodo

Axolotl is as strange as its name! It looks like a happy sea-lizard that is always smiling. Like lizards, axolotl has the ability to grow limbs. It is often used in medical studies. Looking at its cheerful face, it is sad to think that this sea creature is on the brim of extinction.    

So which out of these 9 creepy fish did you find the creepiest?