The Urban Legends Of The Sea

There are tons of mysterious things that happen around us. We have all heard about the creepy and scary stories that happen in our school hallways or in dark forests, but what about the frightening things that happen in the ocean? Here are the best horror legends that have taken place in our ocean.

The Mary Celeste

Photo via. Smithsonian Magazine

The most common mystery story about the ocean is that of the Mary Celeste. On December 4th, 1872 the Mary Celeste, also known as the Ghost ship now, was found abandoned off the coast of Portugal.  The ten people on board had disappeared into thin air, yet the cargo and six months’ supply of water and food were still found.

Where could the talented crew of the boat have disappeared to? Many have speculated their disappearance to sea monsters or to pirates, but the absence of hard facts has not confirmed anything.  For this reason, till today, this mystery has still not been solved.

Baltic Sea anomaly

Photo via. Twitter

In 2011, the team Ocean X found a runway, 985 foot long, leading up to a strange disk shaped object at the bottom of the ocean. The weirdest part about this incident was that members of the Ocean X reported that as they approached the object their equipment — phones, satellites and cameras — lost signals. They only worked when they went 200 meters away from the object.

What is the object and how where did it come from? Many theorists — scientists and researchers — have made guesses about it. Some say it is a UFO, others report it as deposited sediment. However, its emergence is still not confirmed given that it does not even allow researchers to study it properly.

Did a sea monster eat a 9 foot Great White Shark?

Photo via. National Geographic Blog

Australian scientists, in 2003, attached a tagging device to a 9-foot whale as part of their research study. Four months after the tagging took place, the tagged device washed up on the sea shore — a distance of 2.5 miles away from where it was attached. On investigating the tag, scientists found something intriguing: the shark faced a sharp dive in the water, descending around 1900 feet, and a rise in body temperature, of nearly 2 degrees. Many claim that the whale was eaten by another creature, but what the creature could be is even scarier, considering it ate the Great White Shark!

The Dragon’s Triangle

Photo via. Youtube

The pacific Bermuda triangle, found off the coast of Japan, has been called the Devil’s Sea or the Dragon’s triangle. This name has been earned by this great sea because of a series of legends that took place in its waters.

In the 1800s, a mysterious lady was seen sailing in the Bermuda triangle in a Japanese vessel that looked similar to a vessel used to burn incense. However, that vessel has not yet been discovered and many do not what happened to the lady.

The regular disappearance of Japanese ships has further reinforced the stories about the Dragon’s triangle instead of dispensing them.

All these stories may be white lies, but they may also be true considering we have only explored 5 percent of our oceans. We don’t know what unknown species or objects lay in the remaining 95 percent of the ocean.